At LMA, we work with our clients to create impactful campaigns that support their larger marketing & business goals.  Using a formula perfected by over 25 years of agency and in-house corporate brand experience, we believe that PR should not be defined by a number of impressions but rather, communicate a brand’s identity and point of difference.



Media Relations

The success of a campaign is marked by deliberate & consistent lifestyle, entertainment, and consumer PR efforts that communicate a brand’s difference and badge status to consumers.

Event Marketing

A brand’s presence at high-profile lifestyle and entertainment events can create lasting PR and meaningful consumer engagement in new settings. In the event space, LMA works to identify accessible PR opportunities, ideate creative brand activations, and maximize sponsorship deliverables.

Brand Partnerships

Through our strong relationships with brand leaders in the premium and luxury lifestyle space, we ignite partnerships that build affinity and create extensive PR, Event & Retail opportunities.

Influencer Relations

Influencer marketing should be an organic extension of the brand with individuals that resonate to both the existing and target consumer. The right engagement with the right influencers will extend beyond traditional PR and create unique content that can be leveraged across the business.

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