Does your business already have a logo that you can send us to add to your website?

If yes, please send the highest resolution file. You can upload the file here. Formats accepted are png, svg, eps.

If no

Would you like us to design you a font based logo? (no additional charge) What is a font based logo?


No (I’ll deal with the logo on my own and upload it myself)

Do you have a brand color?



If no, we’ll recommend a two color options for you to choose from depending on your business type. 

Do you have the hex code? If not, upload a screenshot or older marketing materials that have this color or take a photo of one oof these materials and upload her

Do you already have hosting?


Field (What company is your hosting company with?)


I don’t know what this is. Please explain it to me.

If no, we’ll recommend a two color options for you to choose from depending on your business type. 

Do you have a domain address?


I don’t know what a domain address is. Please explain it to me. 

No, (You will need to purchase a domain and hosting. It takes about 5-10 minutes to sign up. Follow this simple video guide.)

Please note: We do not work with all hosting companies and hosting technology. You’ll need to get the plan outlined in the video. 

What is a domain address

What company is this domain registered to?

Our goal here at webeeo is to help busy businesses owners who don’t have the time and or budget to work with an agency to have a fully custom coded and designed website from scratch. We’re here to get you up and running with a professional website quickly and affordable. Our base offering is the webeeo one pager. This one page website includes sections and features most commonly requested by business owners including on high end business websites including  a contact form to collect leads and stay in communication with your customers, content sections to highlight your services, about us or why choose our company section, frequently asked questions, photo gallery to show off your work. And that just to name a few.

How it works

We’ll start with the webeeo 1 page layout to start. We’ll then apply your companies branding elements like your primary branding color, accent color, logo, photos, and written content. We’ll also minor make minor layout customizations depending on what makes sense for you business goals. 

If you don’t have any of the branding elements I listed, we’ll provide the following at no additional charge

1 Logo – single color made from a Google Font. Here are some examples

Brand color – 

Up to 7 professional stock photos 

Up to 300 words of written content as long as you’re able to provide us with requested information about your business 

Important points to consider

1. Even though our process is fast, to make this work there is a minimal amount of time you’ll need to dedicate to this project. You’ll need to fill out the forms we send you in a timely manner, review and approve new design changes. 

2. Hosting and domain name aren’t included in the price. We don’t offer hosting or domain addresses. You’ll need to purchase both of those seperaetly from a hosting and domain provider. The pricing for quality hosting is roughly $20-$30 per month. A domain can run $20-$40 per year. All you’l need to do is purchase this, it takes about 10 minutes and we’ll take it from there to set everything up. 

First step is seeing if you understand exactly what we offer. 

Then its our step to understand your business and goals and see if Webeeo is the right fit for you.

Use the field below to tell us about your business or ask a question(s)


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